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Tours and Trips

Suriname the land of a thousand shades of green.

If you want to get out and about during your stay, we have a number of tours for you.

Day tours

Sunset and Dolphin tour €30.00
Sunset & Dolphin Tour is in the afternoon to spot the pink belly river dolphins, also known as the "profosu" / Sotalia guianensis, in their natural habitat.

Price per person: €30.00 (excluding 10% VAT)
Children (3-11 years): €25.00 (excluding 10% VAT

Paramaribo city tour €30.00

The name Paramaribo is probably derived from the name of an Indian village called Parmurbo. A trading post was founded in the village in the early 17th century. This was taken over by the English and they built a fort called Willoughby. In 1667, Abraham Crijsen conquered the area. From the fort, Paramaribo expanded westwards. After the abolition of slavery in 1863 and the end of contract labour in 1873, many people moved to the city.
      Since 2002, the centre of Paramaribo has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List of historical monuments. One of the protected buildings is St Peter and Paul Cathedral on the former Counts Street. This building is made entirely of wood and is also the largest wooden building in South America.
Departure: daily with at least one participant.
Time: 08:00 - 11:00, 3 hours (later start is also possible)


Plantation Frederiksdorp €75.00
This former plantation with original plantation houses and a police station has been declared a historical heritage site and converted into atmospheric accommodation on a beautiful estate. The plantation also has a fine restaurant and a well-stocked bar where you can enjoy carefully prepared meals. There are several excursion options in the nearby area, from educational to active.
      From February to mid-July, Suriname's Atlantic sea beaches are the laying grounds of giant sea turtles. You gain this experience during a longer stay at Frederiksdorp.


Paramaribo city tour, local market and culinary workshop € 80.00
With a guide, you will walk past the sights of Paramaribo such as the Synagogue and Mosque, the Basilica and the Fort Zeelandia complex. (No visit to the museum). You will also visit the market where fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, spices, etc. are sold. At the market you will buy fresh vegetables and fruits needed for the workshop.
      A country known for its delicious food, you should definitely learn something from it! With the cook, you will soon learn the tricks of the trade and be satisfied with a beautiful end result, a tasty dish that you choose, prepare and, of course, eat.

Multi-day tours

  • Knini Paati Resort 2 days € 245.00 per person
  • Fredberg 4 days € 355.00 per person
  • Anaula 3 days € 285.00 per person
  • Plantation Mariënbosch 2 days € 139.00 per person

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